CSRAI Student Affiliates Program

The CSRAI Student Affiliates Program connects Penn State students from a broad range of disciplines with faculty, staff, and scholars who are engaged in AI-related research, education, outreach, and other initiatives. CSRAI supports and amplifies the efforts of Affiliates and Student Affiliates through various initiatives, and strives to build and advance a community of scholars engaged in socially responsible AI discovery that can:

  • enable collaborative research, start new initiatives, and advance existing initiatives
  • engage faculty, researchers, staff, and students from diverse disciplines at Penn State and beyond in vital conversations related to all aspects of socially responsible AI
  • increase the visibility of CSRAI and related activities to funding agencies and external collaborators
  • transform the lives of individuals and society

Join the Student Affiliates Program

Eligibility and Benefits

All Penn State students pursuing research, education, or outreach related to socially responsible AI are eligible for CSRAI Student Affiliate status. If you are a non-student member of the Penn State community, please review the CSRAI Affiliates Program page.

CSRAI Student Affiliates will:

  • have opportunities to collaborate with CSRAI Affiliates on activities related to the Center and the Affiliates research
  • be invited to build their research and professional communities through networking and professional development opportunities
  • receive timely communications about CSRAI activities

Student Affiliates are encouraged to list their CSRAI affiliation in their email signatures and CVs, and to acknowledge CSRAI-related activities in publications, news releases, and other works to publicize the work of the Center.

Approval Process

To be considered for CSRAI Student Affiliate status, complete the CSRAI Student Affiliate Request Form.

Requests will be reviewed by the CSRAI director. The director, or their designee, will approve or deny the requests based primarily on the requestor’s current research interests and/or potential to support the Center’s mission.