CSRAI sponsoring workshop on AI for Social Good at AAAI Conference

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The Center for Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence (CSRAI) at Penn State is sponsoring the International Workshop on AI for Social Good on February 14, 2023, at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Washington D.C.

The workshop is an international forum for exploring how AI research can contribute to solving challenging problems faced by current-day societies. For example, what role can AI research play in promoting health, sustainable development, and infrastructure security, and how can AI initiatives be used to achieve consensus among a set of negotiating self-interested entities, such as finding resolutions to trade talks between countries?

To address such questions, this workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners across different strands of AI research and a wide range of important real-world application domains. The workshop aims to share the current state of research and practice, explore directions for future work, and create opportunities for collaboration.

The workshop will feature keynote addresses by:

  • Vipin Kumar, Regents Professor and William Norris Endowed Chair at the University of Minnesota
  • Philip Nelson, Director of Engineering and AI for Social Good at Google Research
  • Rahul Dodhia, Deputy Director of AI for Social Good Research Lab at Microsoft
  • Amarjot Singh, CEO of Skylark Labs

In addition, the workshop will have two oral presentation sessions focusing on AI in health care, and AI for computational sustainability and civic issues, as well as two panel discussions and two poster sessions.

The International Workshop on AI for Social Good is organized by Amulya Yadav, PNC Technologies Career Development Assistant Professor at Penn State, and Bistra Dilkina, Associate Professor at the University of Southern California.